Services - Lettuce Eat Real
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Our goal is simple; get Real Food into people.  Stand for quality and trust.  Improve the purity of industrialized food.  Lead change and inspire others to do the same.

Content Development

Taking into account relevant research and current market trends, we curate strategic brand messaging to effectively communicate the health and wellness benefits of your product or business. We take scientifically based content and translate it to something your consumer will understand and can relate to.

Ingredient Sourcing

We foster mutually beneficial relationships directly with clean, sustainable, and ethically driven farmers and manufacturers. Improve nutrient density, healthfulness and marketability of your products. Consumers are demanding transparency, give your brand a story to tell.

Product Innovation and Transition

Inspiration for functional food development, ingredient cleanup, or tailor products to meet the needs of those with special diets (i.e. allergy friendly, gluten free, vegan).